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Television signal receivers

Professional receivers

Receivers Teles Luminato – Modular platform from renowned Finnish company with over fifty years history. These devices ensure very high quality and therefore high availability of services. The platform is very reliable and provides all required resources of TV signals.

A typical application of these receivers is receiving many satellite and several terrestrial broadcasts, of which creates its own IPTV broadcast, for example for internet provider or larger hotel or other complex.

Semi-professional receivers

Receivers B3B – Our own product in which we combine our software on the supplied hardware. The purpose are the parameters approaching professional products at a significantly lower cost. We use the capabilities and reliability of the Linux operating system.

Disk array

Streaming and video library servers

Due to the possibility of two-way communication in IPTV networks is possible for the viewer to determine what movie he wants to watch. Video Library is a repository of data – server or disk array, where are programs ready to be watched in any moment in viewer's desire to play. Configuration of these servers depends on the requirements for the number of stored movies and spectators who will watch.

If you need only transmit an information loop, presentation or info channel is suitable streaming server, which is able to repeat the selected files in the order.

Disk array

Disk arrays

Large amounts of data, such as data of corporate computers, backup, programs for streaming, is necessary to store at storage of large capacity. Storage arrays are the ideal solution. It is possible to mount a few hard drives or, if fully equipped, to connect the expansion chassis. They can accommodate from units to hundreds of terabytes of data.

Disk array

Set-top boxes and TVs

Given that television broadcasting standards are constantly evolving, not every TV is able to take some of the methods of transmission. If so, it is possible to solve it using a set-top-box. For the latest broadcast IPTV is suitable IPTV boxes Amino or Motorola. Set-top boxes for classical linear cable DVB-C or DVB-T terrestrial are available across a wide range according to the needs and location of deployment.

Backup supply

Back-up power supplies

Loss of electrical power supply is not only unpleasant, but in many cases it can also mean a financial loss or threat to health or even life of people. Backup power supplies, for case of outages such as summer storms, failures of power suppliers, malfunctions, and the like, are standard in professional establishments. Typical are power supplies UPS with battery sets or in more demanding applications diesel engines, which can cover a very long downtime - effectively until diesel is consumed.

Do not let paralyze your organization, if you just do not have electricity. Your network, computers, televisions and other equipment can operate with backup power supply on.

Disk array

Cabling for computer networks and television

We install a standard shielded twisted pair cabling for distribution intranet, optical fibers for long distances, coaxial cables for wiring television.

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