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IPTV broadcasting

What is IPTV?

IPTV is based on the television broadcasting via internet protocol. It is the most advanced way of television broadcasting, which in future is likely to replace all other existing ways of broadcasting. It is a similar principle as when watching TV via a web browser on a desktop computer or a laptop, but on the TV – conveniently, without having to use the mouse or keyboard.

The pros and cons

The advantage of IPTV is that distribution using IP protocols is bidirectional. Regular broadcasts as terrestrial DVB-T, satellite DVB-S or cable DVB-C networks are unidirectional. Thus, "from studio" to the viewer. IP protocol allows communication and feedback so you can demand anything you want, you do not have to wait for an interesting show. Already, many TVs can browse portals like Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, Czech TV, Nova or Prima archives.

Just one remote that controls IPTV set-top-box is needed.

The disadvantage of IPTV is its youth. TVs themselves are not for this kind of broadcast standardized, although they contain all the necessary components. It is therefore necessary to use IPTV set-top boxes. This, however, in a few years will change and TVs will be able to receive IPTV without additional equipment, such as is the case with digital terrestrial, satellite and cable television. For broadcasting is necessary to use cabling that is able transmit data using IP protocol, not therefore coaxial cables.

How do we install it?

If you are building a new distribution of the Internet, we will recommend properties that the network must meet. If you already have wiring, we evaluate whether it is suitable for the transmission of IPTV, or we suggest necessary design changes.


DVB-C and DVB-T broadcasting

The pros and cons

Tuners for digital terrestrial (DVB-T) and cable (DVB-C) broadcasting have most of produced TVs already integrated. There is no need to connect a set-top box. a single controller to the TV is necessary.

It is a one-way broadcasting and TVs or set-top boxes, unless they are in addition connected to the Internet, they can not take advantage of interactive services. They do not have the ability to communicate in the reverse direction and can not ask for the selected service. Eg. Video on demand.

How do we install it?

On the roof or other convenient location we place the antennas and install cables from them to the technical room (server room, data center) and connect to the coaxial cable wiring. Distribution can be of any length, if necessary, we install a signal amplifier.

Into new or existing coax cabling we connect the equipment that receive satellite (DVB-S) or terrestrial signals (DVB-T), put together it to your own menu of TV channels and transmit to your network. It can be a units, tens or hundreds of TV channels.


Connecting to the Internet

We provide connection of your premises to your ISP

We provide connection of your premises to your ISP. We choose the best ISP in the area and arrange with him Connection Terms of use.

Reliable connection via multiple routes

If high reliability of Internet connection is required, we connect your network via two or more routes (such as ADSL and Wi-Fi). In the event of failure of one route is your connection to the Internet still functional.

Wired and wireless technologies

We install both wired and wireless LAN and WAN – networks inside office buildings, hotels, restaurants, schools, etc.

Authorizing access to the Internet

We set up at your network authorized access to the required parts of the network or to the Internet. This service is very useful for hotels, guest houses and other public spaces where you need to allow access only to certain users at certain period of time or for a certain amount of data transferred on the basis of prepaid amounts.


Web presentations and applications

Web presentations

According to your requirements we will create a website and ensure its traceability in Internet search engines and optimization for search engines (SEO). Register the Internet domain, under which the presentation will be available, provide web hosting and set up your mailboxes.

We focus on efficiency of the overall concept. The aim is to include as many clearly arranged information as possible , but not arduous for visitor's computer performance and the capacity of its Internet connection. If the visitor page loads slowly, he often leaves it immediately. Of course there is compliance with the standardized formats for data exchange on the Internet and Unicode character encoding (one character set for all characters), which eliminates the possibility of incorrect or incomplete view on some devices.

Web applications

Web applications are based on using of the web server as a host and programming the required functions using scripting languages​​, while the control interface is accessible through a web browsers. They are particularly suitable where there is a requirement for access from a large number of computers that are not known in advance of their software. The Web browser has now virtually every computer and there is no need to program and install new software to it. Suitable applications are web applications for individual corporate systems for data storage and further processing. Web applications can store data in commonly used database systems and can be read as other programs.


Supervision and management of computer networks

We connect all monitorable elements of your network to our monitoring system. Switches, servers, routers, cameras or air conditioning. We can monitor the amount of ink or toner in your printers and ensure timely replacement of cartridges. Likewise, we will monitor the "health" of all of your equipment that is connected to the Internet.

We will provide a safe backup. In case of failure such as a telephone or laptop just turn on another device, and we will renew all possible settings.

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