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Installing VoIP networks

We install and configure in your hotel, offices or other premises telephone network for calls over the Internet (VoIP). The advantage is the cost savings compared to traditional telephone networks and GSM, which can reach more than 50%.


Management of IT

We install any software to the needs of all your employees. We propose a suitable solution of the full range of the market so that you can conveniently and efficiently use computer technology to your requirements.

We will keep your information technology equipment in perfect condition and keep accurate records. We can design a timely purchase of new equipment or implement more sophisticated procedures.


Supervision and management of computer networks

We connect all monitorable elements of your network to our monitoring system. Switches, servers, routers, cameras or air conditioning. We can monitor the amount of ink or toner in your printers and ensure timely replacement of cartridges. Likewise, we will monitor the "health" of all of your equipment that is connected to the Internet.

We will provide a safe backup. In case of failure such as a telephone or laptop just turn on another device, and we will renew all possible settings.

Disk array

Disk arrays

Large amounts of data, such as data of corporate computers, backup, programs for streaming, is necessary to store at storage of large capacity. Storage arrays are the ideal solution. It is possible to mount a few hard drives or, if fully equipped, to connect the expansion chassis. They can accommodate from units to hundreds of terabytes of data.

Backup supply

Back-up power supplies

Loss of electrical power supply is not only unpleasant, but in many cases it can also mean a financial loss or threat to health or even life of people. Backup power supplies, for case of outages such as summer storms, failures of power suppliers, malfunctions, and the like, are standard in professional establishments. Typical are power supplies UPS with battery sets or in more demanding applications diesel engines, which can cover a very long downtime - effectively until diesel is consumed.

Do not let paralyze your organization, if you just do not have electricity. Your network, computers, televisions and other equipment can operate with backup power supply on.


Servers and clusters with high availability

If we want to economically utilize expensive purchased hardware and software, it is necessary to run as many services as possible. The best solution is to take advantage of virtualization. Deploying solutions with application of virtualization is the trend of today, and the obvious choice for the future. Its possibilities cut across areas of computer networks, servers, and storage devices. With suitable configuration it can be achieved connection to a cluster of servers, where each of them is redundant. When any component fails, its functions are taken over by other elements of the infrastructure and duration of services outage can range in the tens of seconds, or it may be completely without loss (depending on the chosen solution).

If a server outage would paralyze your services and limit employee at work, a high-availability cluster is the right choice for you.


E-mail and calendar tools for work groups

Servers to receive and send e-mail

We provide servers for your e-mail. Of course, synchronization of received and sent mail and calendars on your desktop computer, notebook, phone, web interface, etc.

Calendars for work teams – time allocation for individual seem and groups

We provide servers for your time management software (shared calendar). We set up the rules for work groups. Smaller and larger groups will appreciate the shared calendars for individuals, groups of employees, rooms, vehicles, etc. Avoid bad an appointed meetings, conflicting bookings of conference rooms or vehicles.

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